VC Fund & Investor Services

We provide operational leverage to investors.

Fractional CFO

Financial leadership for VC Funds and investors.

Fractional Fund operations

Time or Project based sprints to get you where you want to be.

Fractional CFO

Financial leadership for VC Funds and investors who need financial support


CFO Leadership

  • Fund administrator management
  • Fund financial modeling
  • Quarterly and yearly fund reporting
  • LP reporting and completing fiduciary obligations
  • Portfolio Management
  • Triage deal review with external counsel
  • Fund narrative and pitch development
  • Track, chase, and close 1-off requests from founders and investors
  • Liquidation waterfalls and exit planning
  • Mentorship and training
  • IR Support


Financial Foundations

  • Create and manage a budget for your firm
  • Monthly and quarterly financial reporting for management company and fund
  • Fund deployment pacing and reserves forecasting
  • Modeling cap table and auditing ownership
  • QSBS eligibility
  • Liquidation waterfall for cap tables and investments
  • Prepare and draft responses to LP questions
  • Structure and manage data rooms for prospective LPs
  • Risk Management & Insurance Planning


Weekly dedicated time

  • 1:1 Time scheduled to review materials and answer questions
  • Dedicated email and slack access to someone that can turn around requests
  • Dig into to your fund admin reporting and outputs for clarity and accuracy
  • Have an extra pair of hands to put together reporting and financials
  • Get assistance with financial modeling for fundraising, diligence, or general accounting help

Monthly Engagements

$5,000 / month

Dedicated partner level support

Execute on all financial aspects of your fund

Fractional Fund Operations

Custom Projects based on your needs; Custom Reporting, Tools, Services


Build: Systems and Operations

  • Creating repeatable steps to go faster and stay organized
  • High throughput investment processes such as application based accelerators or studios
  • Creating and managing CVC Programs
  • Integrate venture strategy inside larger business
  • Evaluate and recommend service providers
  • Turnaround / improve current venture strategy
  • We work across departments and teams with leadership to achieve alignment


Scale: Get back to investing

  • Custom software for VCs - build a VCos
  • Turn operational headaches into smooth and scalable processes
  • Prepare and thrive during endowment diligence
  • Develop firm vs. fund practices that let you grow
  • Build repeatable systems and train your team
  • Develop and execute team growth plans


Grow: Fund I → Fund II+

  • Operating systems for growing teams
  • Fundraising strategy
  • Team changes and strategy + execution
  • Moving from Fund I to Fund II+
  • SPV Support and Management
  • Portfolio tracking, annual tax and accounting
  • Portfolio company management and support

Monthly Engagements

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Custom pricing based on needs on a monthly retainer basis

Working with Graph Advisors

We align on deliverables, set timelines, and get to work.

Get Context

Understand Scope

Establish Deliverables

Align on Project Scope and Time

Align on Timeline tasks and milestones

Understand tasks and milestones

Set a start date and begin

Time-bound project sprints

Monthly retainer model


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