Fractional CFO for VCs

Need dedicated bookkeeping and fractional finance support for your fund?

What is a Fractional CFO/Bookkeeper for a fund?

Get the help you need


Weekly time with a dedicated person

  • 1:1 Time scheduled to review materials and answer questions
  • Dedicated email and slack access to someone that can turn around requests
  • Dig into to your fund admin reporting and outputs for clarity and accuracy
  • Have an extra pair of hands to put together reporting and financials
  • Get assistance with financial modeling for fundraising, diligence, or general accounting help


Financial Foundations

  • Create and manage a budget for your firm
  • Monthly and quarterly financial reporting for management company and fund
  • Conduct fund deployment pacing and reserve forecasting
  • Model cap table scenarios
  • Liquidation waterfall for cap tables and investments
  • Prepare and draft responses to LP questions
  • Structure and manage data room for prospective LPs


Get back to investing & sourcing

  • More time for the most important priorities
  • Confidence in the long-term foundations for your firm
  • Delegated management of third-party service providers and fund administration platforms
  • Review and analysis of all key financial reporting
  • Setup and execute a quarterly reporting cadence for LPs


Tactical Takeaways from a Fractional Bookkeeper

  • Bring the thesis of your fund to life through models and scenario forecasting
  • Gain experience and expertise for your team to accelerate performance
  • Mitigate the key risks that cause distraction and loss of credibility
  • Build the financial practices for your fund today
  • Set the foundation for an enduring firm


Getting started together

We listen to you, articulate deliverables, set timelines, and then get to work building the long-term systems your fund needs to excel.


Establish deliverables

Share blockers

Align on timeline


Align on tasks and milestones

Understand people and plans

Articulate delivery


3-month committment

$5,000 per month


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